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Whether you are forming your first business or adding to an existing one, it's critical that your structure supports your aims - which will then allow you to realise profits from your hard work. Choosing the wrong business structure could leave you open to risks and costs that could have been avoided.

The legal form you choose for your business will depend on your commercial needs, the financial risk you are willing to take and your tax position. There are also a number of other requirements to consider - most importantly that you have the right type of capital structure and finance in place, whether or not you need a license to run your business, ensure you have adequate insurance and get advice with regards to PAYE, NIC and VAT.

We can help you design a structure that is not only tax efficient for your business as you start up, but also able to develop as you grow.

Depending on your circumstances and the financial risk you are willing to take, we can advise whether it is more advantageous to trade as a limited company, a partnership, a Limited Liability or hybrid partnership or as a sole trader - both now and in the future.

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